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Jack, It doesn't matter what Paul uses for info. I am sure he looks at all 
options available. 

Paul I can understand your feeling of repulsion as soon as the science comes 
from a Christian source. I admit the obvious bias. Yet all of modern western 
science originated from Catholic Universities of Europe. The Jesuits 

The protestant reformation Jewish organised, triggered disruption, , and 
alienated Christianity (because of disunity) as a whole and specifically God 
from the world, which then having a destroyed faith sought answers , a revenge 
of sorts. 

Catholic opposition collapsed in the face of this alternative science, because 
by this time it had allowed its independent bank to come under the control of 
the Rothchilds.   One of Rothchilds agents said, I care not who controls the 
Government, so long as I control the money...Translated: He who pays the piper 
calls the tune. 

It was then left to the Protestants to continue the battle against false 
science. Only belatedly did we catholics, in the face of Roman betrayal of 
tradition for modernism, come into the battle actually finding that Protestant 
Scientists had valuable scientific resources worth following up. 

Most if not all of us are coming from the scientific angle. We do not demand a 
faith in God , but rather a look at all the science, leaving out any and all 
faiths that demands a belief in a theory as being an obvious fact. I guess the 
nearest thing we are searching for is probabilities..  the most likely 
probabilities..  based on the evidence. 

I know that you can accuse some Christians of bias as to what is probable, and 
indeed they by their words show it. But not all..  

I bet some christian scientists are holding on to their faith by the skin of 
their teeth, just as much as you are holding on to your faith in evolution. 

Not me. I am absolutely certain that evolution is a viable alternative as to 
how we arrived today. I just happen to know with certainty that it did not 
happen that way, and that the world has existed no more than 10,000 years and 
probably less. 

Proving that evolution can and does occur even to every slightest detail does 
nothing to disprove my assertion . 

To disprove me, you have to investigate my evidence, which you have repeatedly 
said you will not allow, or even attempt to do. 

This last is to both Jack and Paul. 

Who is being 100% open and without bias? 


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  Dear Philip,
  This is how I also feel about Wiki. I think Paul leans a little heavily on it 
for info on evolution.

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    A few decades ago I noticed public libraries began to remove older books of 
the technical kind. I "rescued" a couple back then. Today my technical 
"searches" are failing for much of the stuff I can remember, when I am hoping 
for an easier way than copying to screen, from my books. Now the Internet. Try 
searching for the magnetic properties related to alloy steels for example. What 
is the composition of steel alloys used in permanent magnets..  Only loosely 
defined info described as OBSOLETE  is available. This also goes for any 
material based on early research that might negate or contradict climate change 
another example.  Often some info is hinted at, but you have to fork out a 
price tag for the article un seen, sometimes as much as $50. just to view. No 
thanks, the crucial info I want won't be there. Wiki is definitely loaded with 
misinfo and distortion amongst good stuff. 


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