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Dear Paul,
I don't think you will ever doubt evolution! You are a closed book, you simply 
will not let go, its not a case of, 'can't believe' but more a case of 'won't 
believe'. What would have to happen to make you reject evolution? Dawkins said 
'finding a fossilised rabbit in the Cambrian layer'. In other words, an out of 
sequence fossil. Well they're all over the place. Don't ask me to give you a 
link, I can't be bothered.

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  A further comment is below in which you show a great deal of ignorance of the 
subject. You are doing it again Paul, jumping in with both feet! Current 
evolutionist wisdom about the Grand Canyon is that it was cut out by a 
catastrophic breach of the side of a massive lake! Check it out! Creationists 
are very happy that at last the nonsense of gradual errosion by the river over 
millions of years has been finally laid to rest. 

  The Grand Canyon -- 277miles long, 4 - 18 miles wide, depth in places exceeds 
one mile. Sediments deposited, attained sufficient strength to stand 
unsupported, and Colorado river carved out the canyon -- all in one year? 
Clearly evidence doesn't cut the mustard here, you need faith -- that which 
allows us to believe what we know just isn't possible.

  Why don't you also check-out what happened when Mount St. Helens exploded and 
the canyon that was formed in minutes?


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