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  • From: "Jack Lewis" <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 09:08:40 +0100

Dear Paul,
Here are some extra thoughts for you. When a creationist points out scientific 
problems with evolution, the evolutionist sees the criticism, not as a 
scientific one, but as an attempt to get him to believe in a creator. This 
immediately diminishes the value of the criticism and his ears are quickly 
closed. The evolutionist should treat the criticism for what it is then he must 
decide, separately, what he should do about it. reality shows it is always the 
other way round - you for example.

The doctrine that is probably the most hated in the Bible for an evolutionist 
is the doctrine of everlasting punishment in hell. It was this doctrine that 
turned Darwin from God.

Here is a list of subjects that you really should surf the 'net about. Forget 
Wiki. try checking some real scientific sites or simply e-mail universities 
etc. with questions.

1    Abiogenesis. You have accepted that it is a scientific blank area. However 
scientists believe (faith?) that an answer will turn up. I am content that this 
is their position of faith.
2    Can you find an example of a genetic mutation that increases the 
information in the genome? Richard Dawkins was asked this in a video and he 
couldn't answer it! Perhaps you can find someone who can.
3    Can you find an example of one of Behe's 'irreducible complexities' that 
isn't irreducible?
4    Can you find an example of 'information' that does not have an originator 
or a recipient?
5    Can you find an explanation why the fossil record does not show an 
abundance of finely differentiated organisms?

I shan't be entering into a debate over this but I would be extremely 
interested if you can come up with some answers.

Jack Lewis

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