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Dear Philip,
This is how I also feel about Wiki. I think Paul leans a little heavily on it 
for info on evolution.

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  A few decades ago I noticed public libraries began to remove older books of 
the technical kind. I "rescued" a couple back then. Today my technical 
"searches" are failing for much of the stuff I can remember, when I am hoping 
for an easier way than copying to screen, from my books. Now the Internet. Try 
searching for the magnetic properties related to alloy steels for example. What 
is the composition of steel alloys used in permanent magnets..  Only loosely 
defined info described as OBSOLETE  is available. This also goes for any 
material based on early research that might negate or contradict climate change 
another example.  Often some info is hinted at, but you have to fork out a 
price tag for the article un seen, sometimes as much as $50. just to view. No 
thanks, the crucial info I want won't be there. Wiki is definitely loaded with 
misinfo and distortion amongst good stuff. 

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