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What would happen in a vacuum apart from the liquid in our bodies boiling?


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  Here's a variation to wile away many a happy hour.

  Take Paul for a ride in your car. Driving along at a modest 30 mph, open the 
sunroof of your car and get Paul to throw a ball vertically upwards through the 
sunroof. Whilst waiting for him to catch the ball you can have great fun 
discussing CO2 emissions, the Federal Reserve scam, why a ball with a magnitude 
of velocity of over 200 mph comes straight back down again whereas when that 
same ball has a magnitude of velocity of a little over 30 mph it disappears 
into oblivion, playing I Spy, etc.


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    I actually tried that exact experiment on a bullet train and
    suceeded in cathing the ball. It was on a Transrapid Maglev Train in 
    and I was on my way back to the airport with the train going at a velocity 
    well over 200 miles per hour.
    When I arrived ay my destination, a witness to my
    ball experiment told me that I was a very good ball catcher
    and should apply for a position on a National Baseball League team.
    I agreed with him, said he was telling the truth, and applied with
    the Boston Red Sox. But he also told me that throwing the ball up in the air
    and catching it on a fast-moving train was proof
    that the railroad tracks were moving at over 200 miles per hour.
    I told him, "The Track is NOT Moving!", called him a liar and left.

    Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
      Bernie B
      Have you ever taken a trip in a railway carriage at about 100 km/h? If 
not, then no doubt you have been in a moving vehicle of some description at 
some time in your life and are possessed of some ability to imagine the railway 
carriage journey described.
      If you were in such a carriage, seated in the middle of the carriage 
facing the rear of the train and travelling at 100 k/mh, if you were to throw a 
ball into the air -- say half-way to the ceiling -- with the intention of 
catching it when it descends, would you succeed, or are you of the opinion that 
the ball would fly to the rear end of the carriage to bounce off the rear end 
      Points will be awarded if you append your reasoning.
      Paul D

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