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  • Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:07:41 +0000 (GMT)

Re:Leonardo and Richard
From Neville Jones Mon Sep 3 23:09:52 2007
At the risk of starting another pointless "discussion" with you, what points 
were you trying to make in asking about The Da Vinci Code and Richard Dawkins? 
Philip seems to have gotten your drift, but I am completely at a loss.
You may be aware that some members here have, from time to time, suggested to 
me that I should undertake extensive reading/viewing of 'evidence' supporting 
some contention or other, which I suggested was fantastic, and which exercise I 
generally decline or possibly scan superficially. I explain that there are 
sufficient clues as to the likely content and that I use these clues to avoid 
endless repetition of already judged unconvincing information. For this, I am 
often condemned for failing to investigate, that I have my mind made up in 
ignorance of the facts. I simply wished to show that my actions are not unique. 
*** You listening Jack? You don't mind if I don't make a separate response? 
Would you like to invite Richard Dawkins onto this forum? By all means do so 
(Jack will supply you with his e-mail address). We would all benefit I'm sure 
from his enlightened input on the matter.
This is an interesting proposition. However, as I understand it, he is 
principally concerned with evolution and that is not what this forum is about. 
I've assiduously avoided the opportunities to pursue this subject here on those 
grounds. If he is concerned with cosmology however -- I have no idea as I'm 
only faintly aware of a few of his views -- and if you specifically request it, 
I would be prepared to approach him with that invitation. I've never interacted 
with such a high profile person -- it could well be an interesting experience. 
I doubt however that introducing evolution to this forum would be a positive 
Paul D

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