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Dear Paul,
I'm no financial geek but I ask you to consider this.
Everyone knows that NASA spends billions on space research. Where exactly does 
the money go? It certainly isn't wasted as many people believe. The money 
simply changes hands and moves around - its all still here trapped on earth. 
The only thing that gets wasted is the energy used and the bits of hardware 
that get left in space or burnt-up on re-entry. Since the way that money is 
printed and equated to 'goods' is controlled by the people with the power, 
governments, bankers etc. they can do exactly what they like. This is what is 
happening in Zimbabwe and is caused by the very people I have just mentioned. I 
can't remember who made this quote but it went something like this, "I care not 
about the laws of a country, just give me control of its finances and I will 
control everybody."

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  Quite simple really, just a matter of power and money - and I have unlimited 
supplies of both do I not. Well there is a flaw in this argument. So many 
people think that money is just printed paper. It isn't. If you print more 
money than there is production of goods to back it, it devalues proportionally, 
thus while there may be more bits of paper in circulation, you can only buy 
what has been produced and that for inflated prices. Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe 
are an excellent example. Just 15 minutes ago, I saw the BBC carry the news 
item that Zimbabwe's bread producers warned that they had only two days supply 
of flour available. 

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