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"In December 1986, I received an inquiry from the Radcliffe Science Library, Oxford, asking if I had ever really held a Huxley Memorial Lecture on February 14, 1986. No records of my having held the lecture as part of the Oxford Union Debate could be found in any library. No part of the official media breathed a word about it. So total is the current censorship on any effective criticism of Neo-Darwinian science and on any genuine alternative."

A quote from Dr. Arthur Ernest Wilder-Smith, holder of three doctorates (one in organic chemistry and two in pharmacalogical sciences).

The book which Jack lent me and to which he now refers is,
"The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution," A.E. Wilder-Smith, 1981, T.W.F.T. Publishers, Costa Mesa, California.


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OK Neville. Could you confirm to Philip Stott the title of the book please?

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