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  • Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 22:19:46 +0100

Dear Paul,
I have a video that talks about the man, his report and death. I'll look it out 
and check it.

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    But Paul, you obviously know about this unfortunate business. Can you give 
us your explanation as to the cause? Well I hate to burst your bubble again but 
I had not heard of it til you raised the matter in your post From Neville Jones 
Tue Sep 4 14:25:27 2007. I still lack any form of confirmation. I Googled (with 
correct spelling) and received this response Did you mean to search for: 
author+wife+daughter+nyasa+railway+collision+report there being 112,000 hits. 
None of the first page were relevant -- I didn't look further. What references 
can you offer?

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