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  • From: Paul Deema <paul_deema@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2007 15:41:12 +0000 (GMT)

Neville J
From Neville Jones Tue Sep 4 14:25:27 2007
Your forced, highly reserved, concession is of little value, but at least it is 
some progress towards any form of genuine debate.
I realised as I wrote it that it is a pretty 'stiff' concession. However, if I 
were to ask you to make such an admission about something which you believe to 
be pretty much proven, solid as the rocks under your feet, I suspect that you 
would be similarly un-malleable. Something like, "Are you absolutely certain 
that under any circimstance, water cannot be made to participate in the process 
of combustion?", simply -- water won't burn. You see, I don't think you would 
want me to lie to you or to compromise my integrity. As I've said several times 
here, if I am presented with verifiable contra evidence on any matter, I would 
be obliged to review my position. If the contra evidence were shown to be 
incontrovertible, I would be obliged to abandon my position. If, in addition to 
the latter, I were presented with incontrovertible evidence that your position 
were true, then I would additionally be obliged to join your camp. Are you 
prepared to make this
 statement also?
If you really do have something interesting on your Super 8 reels, then I would 
be very careful to avoid railway crossings. Unless, of course, you view the 
odds that an author and his wife and daughter were just unlucky to be hit by a 
train on such a crossing, miles from anywhere, and that all copies, even 
distributed ones, of his 500-page report into the goings-on at NASA prior to 
Apollo 11, would naturally evaporate of their own accord, as being close to 
My films are one of many copies sold by a local broadsheet newspaper 
contemporary with the event. I've little doubt there were many thousands -- 
probably millions world wide -- sold to the general public. I've not heard that 
NASA is trying to call back all these copies -- you'd think there would have 
been a ripple in the pond wouldn't you? And who is this un-named author? Are 
you testing me again?
Have you seen those two items I mentioned in my last post (this thread) yet?
Paul D

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