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  • Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2007 15:08:53 +0000 (GMT)

Neville J
From Neville Jones Tue Sep 4 14:25:27 2007
I'm equal to the task, I believe, though since I am "Dictator of the World," 
you will have to agree that I can do it my way, rather than yours. That seems 
The copies of the report have been distributed to large companies who have 
contracts with NASA, and to government departments, which I, by definition, 
control. I am confident that there are not any copies floating about, 
especially as I know how many were produced. But you don't know how many 
clandestine copies -- the (including all un-authorised daughter copies) as 
spelled out in the Task Sheet, have been made. History is replete with examples 
of dictators who thought that they had covered their tracks but the truth has a 
way of coming to the surface.
The wife and daughter are no problem, a couple of "Special Agents" take them 
away somewhere. The author is then told that to see them again he has to go to 
Location X. You truly are are a malovelent offspring of an illigitimate canine 
aren't you? Shame!
At Location X all three of them are given a small injection, placed in a car, 
and taken to the railway crossing, perhaps at night when only heavy goods 
trains are trundling through (only guessing here, by the way). I'd guess the 
drugs would show up in the autopsy. Suspicion! Physics would indicate that the 
car was stationary.
Money, which I myself print, ensures that the contractors hand in the [ 
original ] report copies, and the government agencies, who know my methods and 
choose to work for me, hand in theirs. All present and correct, so to speak. 
And you wiped their memories how?
Quite simple really, just a matter of power and money - and I have unlimited 
supplies of both do I not. Well there is a flaw in this argument. So many 
people think that money is just printed paper. It isn't. If you print more 
money than there is production of goods to back it, it devalues proportionally, 
thus while there may be more bits of paper in circulation, you can only buy 
what has been produced and that for inflated prices. Robert Mugabe and Zimbabwe 
are an excellent example. Just 15 minutes ago, I saw the BBC carry the news 
item that Zimbabwe's bread producers warned that they had only two days supply 
of flour available. 
But Paul, you obviously know about this unfortunate business. Can you give us 
your explanation as to the cause? Well I hate to burst your bubble again but I 
had not heard of it til you raised the matter in your post From Neville Jones 
Tue Sep 4 14:25:27 2007. I still lack any form of confirmation. I Googled (with 
correct spelling) and received this response Did you mean to search for: 
author+wife+daughter+nyasa+railway+collision+report there being 112,000 hits. 
None of the first page were relevant -- I didn't look further. What references 
can you offer?
I've remarked previously on the distinguishing marks of the fundamentalist. One 
I have not thus far mentioned (I think) is that in the fundamentalist's 
understanding, there is no such thing as a coincidence, that there is always 
significance -- usually dark. Well we rationalists are confident that 
coincidence is common. For instance people commonly marvel at things like the 
odds of having an ace high straight flush in hearts dealt in five cards. Well 
this happened to me once when we were playing poker in the shelter shed when I 
was a high school student. The thing that most people don't seem to grasp is 
that there is no less probability of being dealt 4heart, 3diamond, 
queen-diamond, ace-club and 7spade. There are an enormous number of such unique 
combinations and they all have the same probability.
The point of all this is that this author had to be somewhere, he probably had 
a family -- a wife and daughter (the only offspring?) is common, railways 
criss-cross most countries, family wipe-out collisions are not that uncommon -- 
just keep watching the evening news and sooner or later you'll see one, and he 
was one of the many employees of NASA which is hardly distinguishing. That he 
had a 500 (how very neat!) page report and an unspecified number of copies with 
him for which there is no evidence is just too easy to manufacture.
I have to admit though that you thought of many things which did not occur to 
me. It's probably all in the way our two minds work. It is also true that I 
gave you too many powers -- more than any dictator could hope to enjoy. (Except 
perhaps Colossus in The Forbin Project (1970). Scarry movie -- did you see it?)
Neville, I didn't mean to challenge you in this -- it was a 'rhetorical 
challenge', -- meant only to indicate how difficult such a task would be in the 
real world -- I didn't expect you to respond.
Paul D
PS Have you forgotten those two questions to which you as yet not responded?

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