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Dear Philip,
Plokinghorne is a disgrace, but he is just the kind of 'Christian' 
representative the media love because he is an evolutionist. If you want to try 
and destroy something e.g. Christianity, you do it from within.


PS Is it necessary to refer to you daughter as a protestant heretical, I never 
refer to you as a Roman Catholic heretical? Have you noticed that when the 
media report a crime committed by a 'Christian' they always make sure his faith 
is mentioned, but they never ever mention that all the other crimes are 
committed by non-Christians. 
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  Talking of debates, in 2005 my heretical protestant daughter gave me to watch 
a DVD distributed by creation research , which was of a debate presented in the 
Liverpool Cathedral, welcomed by Roger Phillips, between John Polkinghorne 
theologian of the cathedral, and a former president of Queens College 
Cambridge, and John Makay, Australian geologist. 


  Marvellous presentation. All the more gripping, because here we had a cleric 
in uniform, supposedly God's man arguing for evolution, against a rough and 
tough aussie scientist, who I must say won the debate hands down..  There was 
no contest.  

  If you have not seen this video, then I do thoroughly reccomend it. 


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