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1. I prefer the name Steering Committee, but frankly I don't think the name matters much as long as we each know what our tasks are. Are there legal differences? For example, is Focus on Rhabdo an NPO, or is there a chance it could become one in the future? If so, a Board might be an essential part of incorporating. 2. Suggest two year terms with the option to stay in the same a position for another two years. Not too long to deter people from saying yes, not too short to complete a task if it takes a while to get it going. 3. I wish I had time to be in an EC leadership position, but I do not. I'll help on some projects, not sure which ones yet.


On 2/16/2014 10:33 AM, Alan Ehrlich wrote:
I've moved this over to the new Steering-Committee list for discussion.


Sorry to take so long to get this to you. Between rebuilding the website and the webinar, it has been a busy time. And, I broke one of my long-standing rules - don't take notes while hosting a meeting. Just doesn't work. So, if someone would volunteer... :)

*Notes and Thoughts*

*Structure, Name and Terms*
There seemed to be two names and structures that gained traction at our meeting. The first is being called a board, with the standard array of positions (president/chair; vice president and so on. Additional people would be part of a committee structure working 'under' the board.

The second was Steering Committee with an Executive Board/Committee with the same positions. There was agreement that terms should not be short and most of us spoke to the idea of not having to leave, but rather move positions while allowing for others - new blood - to come in.

Both of these are very similar. The Steering Committee concept might be a little more flexible in allowing new members (spouses and others) to join and participate, but the choice is for the group to make.

  * Question #1 - Do we want to be called a Board or a Steering
    Committee?  We'll tally the votes as they arrive.
  * Question #2 - Do we agree on the length of service being as long
    as we feel we want to commit, and that we would change/rotate
    positions - allowing for new blood - every two years (unless, of
    course, we want to resign a position).  Yes, No, Comments....
  * Question #3 - Who wants to volunteer for a leadership (Executive
    Committee) position?  Which one?

We discussed a number of committees beginning with Fund Raising and Public Relations. We added Bio-Specimen Donation Committee and Education Committee. Todd volunteered to chair the Bio-Specimen Committee and Vanessa indicated that she wanted to be on (chair?) the Education Committee.

It is important that we put together the fund raising committee and see if we can form a consortium of small foundations that will not only contribute to the projects that we, along with our advisory board, lay out, but are also willing to have funds directed to them and hold them for these projects.

As always, your thoughts and comments are both needed and desired.

Thanks for everything.


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