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Hi Alan-

Here are my answers for you to tally

#1 Board
#2 2 year term but able to take another position within the organization after 
that term is up.
#3 I would like to serve as the chair for the education committee

Thank you,


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On Feb 16, 2014, at 8:33 AM, Alan Ehrlich <arehrlich@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I've moved this over to the new Steering-Committee list for discussion. 
> Team,  
> Sorry to take so long to get this to you. Between rebuilding the website and 
> the webinar, it has been a busy time. And, I broke one of my long-standing 
> rules - don't take notes while hosting a meeting.  Just doesn't work. So, if 
> someone would volunteer... :)  
> Notes and Thoughts   
> Structure, Name and Terms   
> There seemed to be two names and structures that gained traction at our 
> meeting.  The first is being called a board, with the standard array of 
> positions (president/chair; vice president and so on. Additional people would 
> be part of a committee structure working 'under' the board.  
> The second was Steering Committee with an Executive Board/Committee with the 
> same positions.  There was agreement that terms should not be short and most 
> of us spoke to the idea of not having to leave, but rather move positions 
> while allowing for others - new blood - to come in.  
> Both of these are very similar.  The Steering Committee concept might be a 
> little more flexible in allowing new members (spouses and others) to join and 
> participate, but the choice is for the group to make.  
> Question #1 - Do we want to be called a Board or a Steering Committee?  We'll 
> tally the votes as they arrive.
> Question #2 - Do we agree on the length of service being as long as we feel 
> we want to commit, and that we would change/rotate positions - allowing for 
> new blood - every two years (unless, of course, we want to resign a 
> position).  Yes, No, Comments....
> Question #3 - Who wants to volunteer for a leadership (Executive Committee) 
> position?  Which one?
> Committees   
> We discussed a number of committees beginning with Fund Raising and Public 
> Relations.  We added Bio-Specimen Donation Committee and Education Committee. 
>  Todd volunteered to chair the Bio-Specimen Committee and Vanessa indicated 
> that she wanted to be on (chair?) the Education Committee.  
> It is important that we put together the fund raising committee and see if we 
> can form a consortium of small foundations that will not only contribute to 
> the projects that we, along with our advisory board, lay out, but are also 
> willing to have funds directed to them and hold them for these projects.  
> As always, your thoughts and comments are both needed and desired.  
> Thanks for everything.  
> ...Alan
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