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Ah, but you missed the point. Learners should not be driving Ferraris' and
Cadillac's at all! They should only be driving Chevy's and Ford's until they
have a good knowledge and understanding of the basic skills needed.


John Tolmachoff


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Your outrage is totally unjustified. We were all learners once and we now do
70, 80, 90 on the freeway without even been aware.

The guy needs assistance and he was only expressing himself the best way he
knows. plus, he did say the e-mail to Mark was b4 he joined / found the
mailing list. To all intent and purposes, Mark's email could have been
bouncing back mails without him knowing.

This list is intimidating enough for newbies as it is (re; amount of
knowledge on display) without us making it more frightening for those less



John Tolmachoff (Lists) wrote:

Sorry, weekly rant time.




What, you people think the experts that take time out of their busy schedule
are here as your personal expert to call upon at will and they will drop
everything and figure everything out for you and tell you what to do step by
step and hold your hand while you go to the bathroom too? 


Uh, I'll stop there.




John Tolmachoff


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Sorry, i try to send the email to you for a week ago not now and i join to
this mailing list yesterday.

Sir, i already print out the X.400 connector paper on that link and i
already follow from that paper but still can't work.




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