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First you must make sure you are running IMS in your Exchange server. The
server which runs the IMS will be your SMTP server for the unix servers. If
you already have IMS running check the Accept Conenctions settings. If this
is set to Only from hosts using authentication, then you need to add the IP
address of your Unix server to the specify by host list. Once you do this
proceed to the next step. If the IMS is configured to accept from any host,
proceed to the step.
from the unix server,  do a "telnet xx.xx.xx.xx 25", where xx.xx.xx.xx is
teh IP of your exchange server
In telnet console type the following,
MAIL FROM:YOURID@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:FROM:YOURID@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
RCPT TO:YOURID@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:TO:YOURID@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
. (this is a "." you must type this)
Once you do this you should get "Message accepted" or a similar message.
Then check your mailbox to see if you got the mail. If this worked, you
should be able to send mails from Unix server.

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I have exchange 5.5, sp4 running on win2k server.
We have several unix, sun servers that eventually need to send email for
backups and schedule jobs to internal users.  And they leave the unix
servers but never make it to the receipient.  
My querstion is, Is there a routing or relaying issue that my exchage server
doesn't have enable or do you think is at the unix side level?
Have any of you had any issues like this?
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