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I just got off the phone with TZO, the guys hosting my external DNS & MX
records. I had them do an nslookup on to confirm whether the
server is responding. They confirmed and was able to do an nslookup on it
and Which leads me to believe that something on my
exchange server is set up incorrectly.
DNS on this server is set up as follows:
Statically assigned internal IP addresses
Statically assigned internal DNS server IP address
Statically assigned external DNS server IP addresses of ISP - Bellsouth
DNS suffixes are appended in the following order: - may not be necessary I know...
This server also serves as a secondary dns server

Any help is appreciated...
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> Anyone know of any whitepapers available for 'PROPERLY'
> setting up exchange to send and receive mail?

Are you sure that DNS is properly configured?  I just tried to do a name
lookup on NUBIINT.COM and all of the listed name servers didn't respond.
The stale domain data that I did receive didn't contain an MX record.

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