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You should install the new server as the part of the existing site
(chose option join existing site). Then you should move all of the
mailboxes from server1 to server2 (Tools--> Move mailbox). Remember that
you can't move open mailbox. I suggest to move mailboxes at night.

If you have Public Folder (and system folders) you should create Replica
to the new site, and change the home server to the new site (Advanced
properties on PF). Rember check the "Propogate" check box.

If you have more than one site in org you should change the brighead
servers on the site and directory connectors

Also you should change Site Addressing and Offline Addres Book
generation to the new server.

Good luck

Denis Mizetsky

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I have an Exchange Server site running now.  I want to replace the
server with a new one but with very little down time.  I started
installing exchange 5.5 on the new server and it asks if I want to join
an existing site or create a new one.  Can I join the existing site, if
so what happens when you do so, does it take all of the user's mail
boxes, and transfers them to the new server or does the new server act
as a backup.  What will happen when I take the primary server offline,
does the new server take over.

Any help or guidance appreciated, I aml trying to limit the suprises.

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