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  • From: Colin LORRAIN <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 20:21:53 +0200


I almost agree with you. On my side I think that way :
To move to a new NS, we have three options :
        - By hand : takes time, is error prone, may lead to inconsistencies.

- A plugin way : Will need to edit each page and move them one by one and we have to rely on a TOUGH tool to be sure everything is done the right way and that we can go back online soon. If there are problems we will have to rollback and do everything again.

- My prefered option is the last : a batch way. We should, as for the other ways, crawl around pages and clean them up, but at the same time we could add a little text at the beginning of each page source, telling where this page has to go. Once all pages are "tagged" this way. First make a backup of the pages, try the batch on it (harmless to splitbrain wiki, this would be just an offline test). Then review if everything is OK, if needed correct things. Do it again as long as it's not ok. Once everything is fine we apply it on the production wiki (first backuped of course), and let it roll.....

But at first we should really think at a new NS, and to the cleanup guidelines. So any new proposal for the NS ? On the guidelines, I would propose to :
0. Tidy root, but for this andi will not have too much work...
1. Crawl each page to clean them up :
- "Move" (perhaps with pagemove... if it's ok) lost content to the new NS (for example : wiki:recipes:newssystem or any orphan page)
        - Rewrite discussions to documentation (as andi proposed)
- If page is OK, "tag" it OK (So that other people know you've been there), give a new path proposal and go the to the next... - If page needs major changes or taht you don't feel ok to rewrite it, discuss about it leaving a comment at the top of the page (maybe with a specific syntax)...

3. begin to think on moving pages....

As 1. point can be done online this won't end up in too much downtime, I think...

What do you think about this all ?

Le 25 juil. 08 à 19:48, Michael Klier a écrit :

On Fri, Jul 25, 2008 at 02:15:46PM -0300, Felipe Uderman wrote:
Yes, with pagemove plugin you can easylly move or rename a page, and all the links on the wiki will be automatilly changed. But if someone tries to access the old page name/location (it will still be cached by search engines), then a "this page does not exist yet, create it" is what the users will get. Is there allready a plugin for redirection on
  this case?

As nice as the idea with "pagemove" plugin sounds, I am not convinced that this plugin works 100% on a large number of pages because of some simple

I've downloaded the plugin to take a look at the code. It does all the
logic of finding possibly broken backlinks etc. by running a bunch of regular expressions on the plain text of every page in the Wiki. I think however the plugin should rather work on the page instructions level to eliminate most points of possible failure and take the page meta data ("relation" etc.) into account. Simply put, we have much smarter ways to assemble lists of media references, backlinks, external links etc. but the plugin uses none of them and relies completely on it's own logic, which leads me to believe that we
shouldn't use it.

Just my 2 cents

PS.: On the other hand, while thinking that much about it I am now convinced that writing a solid working pagemove plugin might not be that hard ... but
not trivial too.


Michael Klier

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