[dokuwiki] Re: Proposals for a cleanup on the splitbrain wiki

  • From: Colin LORRAIN <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2008 19:53:50 +0200

On 7/25/08, Colin LORRAIN <colin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I agree with you that a full page move plugin isn't that easy. And the idea of a simple syntax plugin is seductive...

Page_redirector and goto seems to be active.
However a pagemove plugins also exists and seems to be active/ popular therefore tested and approved. I'm taking contact with it's developer to see if he thinks the plugin is "production proof"...

Yes, with pagemove plugin you can easylly move or rename a page, and all the links on the wiki will be automatilly changed. But if someone tries to access the old page name/location (it will still be cached by search engines), then a "this page does not exist yet, create it" is what the users will get. Is there allready a plugin for redirection on this case?

Hi the fact is that the redirection is quite a simple thing compared to the page moving algorithm, it may require a little thinking (as ever) but this feature is quite easy to implement, however I didn't think about it yet. I first thought to patch the core but I'll try to think to a plugin. The only big thing is that it requires that the pagemove plugin let the info on where is the new page somewhere.

I did first thought about updating the .changes file but this may lead to problems with the revision mechanism... Also as pagemove do moves everything, relying on .changes files does not make sense aymore...There is also a possibility with a simple syntax plugin, but this would imply a new standard page with revisions, indexing and all this. I was thinking now to a .redirect file in the metadir, this is by now just a thinking, but let me know what you think about it :
        - pagemove moves everything (data, meta, cleans cache(?), index...)
- at the old namespace, pagemove could create a .redirect file with the new location - then a plugin can be written to intercept some TPL_ACT_RENDER or whatever else to :
                1. find if there is a .redirect file
2. do whatever seems to be the best (301 redirect, display a link to new page...)

+ :  harmless to core, revision system, etc... easy to implement...
- : adds a .redirect file in meta (however, as everything else is moved, this should not be a great concern)

I'd be glad if you share your experience of the pagemove plugin so that we see if it meets our needs and if it has drawbacks... Also I did contact glen@xxxxxxxx, to know if we can have it's help. I know he told he has few time, but it's help would be great...


PS : I'm quite active by now, as I took a couple of days to improve my DW knowledge, however I won't be as active next week. If anyone is on this WE, I'll also be there, otherwise have a good WE.

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