[dokuwiki] Re: Proposals for a cleanup on the splitbrain wiki

  • From: "Andreas Gohr" <andi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: dokuwiki@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2008 18:47:05 +0200

> Since the edits I did 2 days ago, I tried to find a more consensual way to
> clean up the wiki somewhat. So here is what I'd like to propose :

ahh and I just hit send for my proposal :-)

> 1. Don't make big changes, review and comment...

I agree in general, though a big restructuring could make sense (see
my other mail).

> - We may think about a way to add comments to pages so that we can review
> all pages and "tag" them as OK or not, and if not add comments. A review
> should include a tag like 'OK' or 'NOK' + comments + signature + date.
> - This is by now done by the FIXME icon, but this should be done in a more
> structured way.

Yes, adding some tags or icons to classify content might be a good idea.

> - Some guidelines should be given so that review of pages will be done in a
> more standard way.

Agreed, see my suggestion of an explanation page in my other mail.

>  - Once all or most pages are commented, hopefully mainly with an OK tag,
> review comments to have a better view of what can be improved and how it
> could be improved.

We should only tag non-okay pages ;-)

> - Biggest part of modifications should not break links, however, when a
> section of a page is moved to a new page, a link to that new page should be
> added.

backlinks probably need to be fixed manually... this works okay for
smaller changes...

> - A page that has to be moved should be moved with a special plugin that
> updates backlinks and avoids dead links (See below for a proposal on how to
> do that).

... I like to avoid to rely on any additional plugins we might need to write.

>  - Add namespace templates where it could be useful, and perhaps include,
> commented, the guidelines that apply to the namespace where the page is
> edited.

agreed, however as I wrote in my other mail I want to avoid too much namespaces.

>  - Disable page creation within the :wiki root (and maybe within some othe
> namespaces), so that people will have to find the best place for their new
> content.

No, I want the docs to open for everyone. Keeping a flat hierarchy
mostly avoids problems with pages in the "wrong" place and for the
rest more experienced users can move them.

> A way to avoid dead links on moved pages :
> To avoid dead links on moved page a feature could be added to the
> versionning system. In the .changes file of a page (see wiki:changelog), we
> could add a "MOVED" type. When a user come across an empty page, we should
> look within the .changes file, if it exists, if the page has been moved, and
> if so, we should redirect him to the new page. Also a 301 header could be
> issued so that bots are informed of the change.

Adding a page move feature might make sense. if any developer want to
step forward and propose a patch, I open ;-)


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