[cryptome] Re: Interference with Equipment: Code of Practice

  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 00:24:55 +0000

Hi Ryan,

The Queen has had her "anus horriblis" too, you know...piles of trouble...comes to all of those of her age...and, I reckon, if the common people of the UK had the ability to form a mob, it would be to oppose a written constitution rather than support it. Folks are too fond of the internet of things these days, and suffer from extreme consumeritis, brought on by ubiquitous advertising, than to be bothered with anything political. Are you sure that you would like a written constitution? Don't you prefer the uncertainty of an unwritten one...at least one might have more chance of being found not guilty...:-)

Interesting history...the Magna Carta. I visited the site of its signing at Runnymede when I first came to England from Scotland. The Americans hadn't funded the monument by then, and there was just a little sign pointing to the field. Funny too, how the Magna Carta has had such an influence on the world, especially amongst the new colonies in America, and eventually had a couple of its principles enshrined in the US Constitution...the rule of law and the right to be tried by ones peers. Here in England, it didn't last 5 minutes, King John, ignored it, ripped it up and changed it at least 3 times. Lucky the Church made exact copies. No digital forensics in them days. King John's law came from God. If it hadn't been for his early death, and a young boy who was crowned, and a bolshie bunch of French feudal aristocrats and Catholic Bishops standing guard over it, it might never have survived...

I see that the American Post Office is carrying out an audit because of the law enforcement and the intelligence and security services have been abusing the privacy of the U.S. postal system.

Did you see the other year, that a parcel sent through the post to the Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who is "at home" in the Ecuador Embassy at present, got opened up somewhere on its way...it had a little microphone and transmitter in it. Mount Pleasant was probably the place it got opened. It's a Post Office Warehouse in London, which has a secret section, where it is reckoned that the posts gets opened, properly warranted or at least a proportionate response of course. Established in the 1920's I believe, though the post has been interfered with since at least Mary, Queen of Scots times.

I see too that the trial in New York has started, where MI5 is turning up in fancy dress to give evidence. Some of them are such good actors apparently, that they have been offered jobs as models for make up and hair restorers on US television. One has even been offered the star part in Hollywood in a new film about the war between the good guys and the bad guys. Apparently, the alleged terrorist used crypto words such as wedding, events and Nadia analogies, as code words, sort of cryptic emails, and swears blind that he was trying to organise a girl friend for himself and get hitched.

I don't understand why they had to take him to the USA to prosecute him...

On 19/02/15 23:15, Ryan Carboni wrote:
okay, time for the common people of the UK to form a mob, and force the Queen to sign the next Magna Carta, thus creating an actual written constitution.

Actually I really wish the Queen would refuse royal assent one of these days...

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