[cryptome] Re: Interference with Equipment: Code of Practice

  • From: Shaun O'Connor <capricorn8159@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2015 01:02:07 +0000

America thinks it is  the worlds policeman how grand are such delusions.
On 20/02/2015 00:24, doug wrote:
> Hi Ryan,
> The Queen has had her "anus horriblis" too, you know...piles of
> trouble...comes to all of those of her age...and, I reckon, if the
> common people of the UK had the ability to form a mob, it would be to
> oppose a written constitution rather than support it. Folks are too
> fond of the internet of things these days,  and suffer from extreme
> consumeritis,  brought on by ubiquitous advertising, than to be
> bothered with anything political.  Are you sure that you would like a
> written constitution?  Don't you prefer the uncertainty of an
> unwritten one...at least one might have more chance of being found not
> guilty...:-)
>   Interesting history...the Magna Carta.  I visited the site of its
> signing at Runnymede when I first came to England from Scotland.  The
> Americans hadn't funded the monument by then, and there was just a
> little sign pointing to the field.  Funny too, how the Magna Carta has
> had such an influence on the world, especially amongst the new
> colonies in America, and eventually had a couple of its principles
> enshrined in the US Constitution...the rule of law and the right to be
> tried by ones peers.  Here in England, it didn't last 5 minutes, King
> John, ignored it, ripped it up and changed it at least 3 times. Lucky
> the Church made exact copies.  No digital forensics in them days. 
> King John's law came from God. If it hadn't been for his early death,
> and a young boy who was crowned, and a bolshie bunch of French feudal
> aristocrats and Catholic Bishops standing guard over it, it might
> never have survived...
> I see that the American Post Office is carrying out an audit because
> of the law enforcement and the intelligence and security services have
> been abusing the privacy of the U.S. postal system.
> Did you see the other year, that a parcel sent through the post to the
> Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange, who is "at home" in the Ecuador
> Embassy at present, got opened up somewhere on its way...it had a
> little microphone and transmitter in it.  Mount Pleasant was probably
> the place it got opened.  It's a Post Office Warehouse in London,
> which has a secret section, where it is reckoned that the posts gets
> opened, properly warranted or at least a proportionate response of
> course.  Established in the 1920's I believe, though the post has been
> interfered with since at least Mary, Queen of Scots times.
> I see too that the trial in New York has started, where MI5 is turning
> up in fancy dress to give evidence.  Some of them are such good actors
> apparently, that they have been offered jobs as models for make up and
> hair restorers on US television. One has even been offered the star
> part in Hollywood in a new film about the war between the good guys
> and the bad guys.  Apparently, the alleged terrorist used crypto words
> such as wedding, events and Nadia analogies, as code words, sort of
> cryptic emails, and swears blind that he was trying to organise a girl
> friend for himself and get hitched.
> I don't understand why they had to take him to the USA to prosecute
> him...
> Dougie.
> On 19/02/15 23:15, Ryan Carboni wrote:
>> okay, time for the common people of the UK to form a mob, and force
>> the Queen to sign the next Magna Carta, thus creating an actual
>> written constitution.
>> Actually I really wish the Queen would refuse royal assent one of
>> these days...


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