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so we had a constant worldwide rainforest.... which oozes water rather than 
rain... ? I see a documentary about Mt Kill the man Jarrow , where Tourists etc 
destroyed the forests, which indirectly stopped the water from flowing 
constantly in the rivers.. The rainforests sort of circulated the water and 
stopped it all flowing away in one big rush.  Philip.   
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  As far as precipitation pre-flood goes:-  the presence of water vapour alone
  will not cause droplets, hence clouds. Condensation nuclei are needed (dew
  uses plants etc. to condense on). I believe the overwhelming disaster of the
  flood caused condensation nuclei to be thrown into the atmosphere for the
  first time. Volcanic activity, deserts, local convection driven winds etc.
  now produce a constant supply in the atmosphere.


  Philip Stott

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