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Did it rain before the flood, and after the exile from Eden? 
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  Yes, possible. I had not thought of that.

  Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  When God created the world and the garden, it was watered by the dew. So
  since He created the sea as well, I would imagine that there would be,
  supernaturally, no evaporation and thus no rain or there was evaporation but
  supernaturally no rain. Before the fall there were many things that didn't
  happen in the perfect garden but did happen after the fall. It would seem
  that after the fall God withdrew the supernatural and replaced it with the


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  > John, Jack and Bernie,
  > Thanks for the replies. I believe I have traced the book now.
  > Dear All,
  > Another question for you. Since there is evaporation going on all the time
  off the surface of the oceans, and since evaporation leads to precipitation
  (rain), then why did it not rain before the Flood?
  > Any ideas?
  > Neville.

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