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  • Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 12:38:35 -0800

Dear Neville

Much evidence - primarily from George Dodwell - points to a major shift in
the inclination of the earth - probably at the time of the flood. I suspect
that the ecliptic was pretty well over the equator pre-flood. [The moon
would then have an equatorial orbit, as most satellites to their planets.]
The wind patterns would have been entirely different and I suspect seasons
would be almost absent. Not only high water vapour content but probably at
least double the mass of the atmosphere would change the "blanketing" effect
and lead to a more constant temperature regime.

Returning to the question of how the water returned to the source of the
rivers. I wonder if they did. When the fountains of the great deep were
broken up the water emerging presumably came from reservoirs underground
much as in the Walter Brown model. Could the original rivers have been fed
from a similar (shallower?) source? [Ps.24, 2 Peter 3:5]. I would imagine a
small source - somewhat like the river in Ezekiel 47 rapidly becoming bigger
away from the source. Perhaps fed along the way by nightly heavy dew
dripping copiously from the trees. I have heard the idea of
gravitational/centrifugal pumping being a possibility (particularly with a
zero or small axis inclination) but remain somewhat skeptical about that.
That particular theory has trilobites inhabiting the waterways used in
returning water to the river sources.


Philip Stott

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