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Being a blind mac user myself and a trainer for mac/osx/tiger/ voiceover/zoom I have to ask one very important question please......

What was the context in which you asked for help. I mean, Was it like
"Hey dude, I am blind and I can't find xxxxxx on your site so can you
help me?"
If so, I see why, if not. hmmmm....
No, I had started by asking them if there was any possible way to make ITunes 6 accessible, and they told me no. and started giving me that grief. I've always wanted to try to learn to use a mack, but with finances, only only have literally about 10 dollars if that, left at the end of each month, and I gotta use that for food, etc. I'm just barely even getting by period. I just bought this Gateway system about two months ago, which in some ways was a complete mistake. I mean, Gateway is ok, in the since, that it's a good system, don't get me wrong, but boy did they leave off almost every single speck I'd requested. Fortunately I called back with my attorney on the line, and he advicated for me and got them to ship me all the parts I should have gotten, and didn't. The parts such as the external USB floppy drive, were no problem for me to hook up, but things like the internal PCI sound blaster card they sent me, my grandfather put in for me. He's not computer savvy at all, but he is very very good when it comes to looking at how things are made and put together then being able to work with them. He'd stated all he had to really do was look at how the other cards were installed and that gave him quite a good idea. I know how to put a card in, as I am extremely savvy when it comes to Windows PC's, I mean I've trained, I've programmed to a real small degree, you name it, but when it comes to hardware, due to the dexterity in my hands not being very good, I can't physically do it. O yeah, tried, but still couldn't. It's weird why I can type about 100 to 110 words a minute, yet I can't do something like that. Hmm, anywho, I don't wanna jump too off on a tangence. yeah, even if it was an older mack, or was a very watered down mack, just one to do e-mail, internet browsing, and basicly not much of anyting else but the basics, I wonder if there is an organization or anything that may would be able to either donate me a Mack, or could at least just loan one to me long enough for me to learn, then I could give it back and later on possibly look at getting one for myself. It's just when it comes to accessibility, I hear that Macks are ungodly easy to use.

Take care.

I got to admit though that apple
has been getting snotty with allot of blind folks and its not making
me to happy because I push for the blind to convert to the mac and
promote the mac all over and it annoys the hell out of me when I hear
these stories because if one of my clients get this type of treatment
it looks bad on me.

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On Jan 7, 2006, at 3:37 AM, Chris Gilland wrote:

Actually, when I looked at the web site, I didn't see any type limitations, but I could be wrong. I didn't look very heavily since I couldn't even find the install shield for version 5, as that's gonna be the first thing that will have to happen, and frankly, Apple is being quite interestingly enough, very very very very very rude in not wanting to help. I called and spoke with someone at the Apple Care Tech Support line, and they actually had the guts to sit there and say that because I was blind, they refused to help me as a customer. None the less, I'm seriously thinking of taking a complaint to my local ACB chapter regarding this, as I'm not much for NFB, but I don't wish to get into a political discussion here, so thus, I really don't feel comfortable giving any reasons why that is on list. Anyway, we'll get off that subject... Yeah, I didn't see any limitations though, but I'll check later on today a bit more closely.


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I'm assuming that the set files are coded in a way to where they won't work with a demo of win eyes?

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On Jan 6, 2006, at 3:55 PM, Chris Gilland wrote:

I have an IPod mini. I’m wondering if anyone may know where to get a coy of Itunes version 5, as apparently, the set files for window eyes do not work with any other version. I’ve checked the Apple web site, and also have looked on and I’ve used google as well, with no luck. I really would like to try these set files with my demo copy of Window eyes. Please let me know if anyone has any ideas.


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