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HI Laura Ann, 


In general the Epson scanners are very popular with people on the list. I
originally got a Canon RD2080C but it is a ADF only. I love the scanner but
ended up looking for a flat bed also. One scanner which is rather new but is
a little more money than some of the Epson's is the Opticbook 3600 which is
a flat bed scanner with a book edge. There has been a lot of discussion on
this scanner on the Kurzweil list. IT can get a 99 plus recognition rate
consistently and does a page every 4 seconds. You can get it for about $250
a number of places online. 


IN general the opinion is to stay away from the all in one scanners since
they can be persnickety. 


Katie Hill 

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                 hi guys,
What scanner do you guys use that use Kursweil and what would you recommend
if you were buying a scanner.

I am having trouble with mine and think it is dying.
That might be why I lost my book I scanned in yesterday....it keeps locking
up on me.

Any suggestions?
I am using XP windows and Jaws latest version and latest version of
My scanner is an epson and I have never liked it.

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions
Laura Ann
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