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Sorry to be fussy but Sam used a small pot, not a frying pan, if my 
questionable memory  is correct.  I cannot look it up right now but will if 
need later.
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  Dear Volunteers,

  The book I've just started validating has very short lines throughout. I 
imagine it's duplicated the original text. Did I understand that we are 
encouraged to make wider margins?

  If so, I haven't been successful in trying to do it with Microsoft word, 200 
with Jaws 7.0 with an RTF file. I left justified the margins. In the paragraph 
dialogue box, I put zeros in the for boxes which ask four numbers. I put in 
body text, none and single in the other drop down boxes.. 

  Then I wandered around the menus but couldn't find out how to widen the 
margins. It really isn't  necessary because I do believe the scanned edition 
had short lines. In case you are interested, the lines are about 55 characters 
long, with spaces. But if longer lines are preferred, I'll lengthen them if I 
know how. 

  Leave as is or not as is. That is the question.

  Always with love


  "Maybe I should write a book called one hundred and one ways to use a frying 
  Sam Gamgee 
  in Tolkien fanfiction by Alatariel

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