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Hi everyone,

here are two more books submitted to bookshare on the topic of dogs.

One is a replacement for a "good" quality copy.

A Day in the Life of A Seeing Eye Dog Trainer
by Keven Osborn

Book depicting the typical day of work at The Seeing Eye

Everyday Heroes: Extraordinary Dogs Among Us

This is the replacement.

See book jacket info below.
both are marked excellent and comments are with the books.

From the Book Jacket:
In this heartwarming and inspiring book you will find the true stories of
dogs who were
raised and nurtured by volunteers from Guiding Eyes for the Blind. We call
the dogs "heroes" because of their work as extraordinary guide dogs as well
as crime fighters, lifesavers, search and rescue dogs and much more. Some of
the heroes you will meet are Aris, an exceptionally sensitive dog whose
nurturing created a bridge that led a disabled child to a new world of
confidence and love; Hutch, a dog who saved his owner's life due to his
intuition and quick response; and Woodsy, an invaluable narcotics detection
dog. You will be amazed at the boundless effort these dogs continue to make
to improve the lives of those they serve.
Every year, 165 teams graduate from Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a nonprofit
organization founded in 1954. The teams are made up of visually impaired
individuals with highly trained guide dogs. The instructors, supervisors and
staff promote "ability, not disability." Families volunteer a year of their
life to raising a puppy with the intention of giving it to a blind person.
They establish the loving bond that is the foundation of the puppy's future
role. After a year with their raisers, the dogs returned to Guiding Eyes for
formal training with professional instructors. They are continually
evaluated for their strengths-most become
guide dogs; those who don't are "released" and serve in detection, patrol or
personal service for a person with special needs.
Everyday Heroes is a living tribute to the extraordinary dedication and
courage of dogs and people-showing us how one person's life can be
dramatically changed by the love and help of a dog.
This book is dedicated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind, Yorktown Heights and
Patterson, New York. Writing it has been a fantastic voyage for me, allowing
me to meet some of the most courageous people in the world. I am thankful
that I have had this opportunity to donate all of my time and income from
this adventure to Guiding Eyes, to help them with their significant work.

-Sherry Bennett Warshauer
Shelley L. Rhodes B.S. Ed, CTVI
and Judson, guiding golden
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Alumni Association Board

Dog ownership is like a rainbow.
 Puppies are the joy at one end.
 Old dogs are the treasure at the other.
Carolyn Alexander

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