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hi you all, two books for your validating pleasure.

A Pictorial Life Story of Misty
By marguerite Henry

Cute and true story of the poney of the Misty stories, and the author who 
fell in love with her, and the rest of the country who did too.
From the Book Jacket:

I first met Misty of Chincoteague when she was six days old. It was love at 
sight. Grandpa Beebe promised to send her to Mole Meadow, in Illinois, to 
help me write a book about her. "But," he insisted, "the Phantom's got to 
nurse her for four months. Takin' colts away from their mas afore they're 
weaned makes 'em spoilt and ornery."
Those four months of waiting dragged, and they flew. News of a wild pony 
coming from an island out in the Atlantic Ocean caused great excitement. 
Neighbor children appeared as if by magic. They all wanted to help get her 
stable ready. Together we dug up the old dirt floor, brought in fresh clean 
earth, scrubbed and whitewashed the walls. In weary  moments  this snapshot 
tacked to
able door held our attention. It set us daydreaming and wondering how we 
could ever communicate to our friends the uniqueness of the pony we'd soon 
be caring for.

The Chihuahua (Learning About Dogs)
By Charlotte Wilcox

Book with low vocabulary about the Chihuahua.

Shelley L. Rhodes M.A., VRT, CTVI
and Guinevere, Golden lady Guide
Guide Dogs For the Blind Inc.
Graduate Alumni Association Board

More than Any other time, When I hold a beloved book in my hand, my 
limitations fall from me, my spirit is free.
- Helen Keller

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