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Two books submitted, both under the .rtf section of the website.  both 
complete and all errors as I could find them fixed, may require spell 

Ghost Stories of Pennsylvania
By Dan Asfar
The rich history of Pennsylvania is filled with the unexplained: frightening 
specters, mysterious apparitions and haunted buildings. Join Dan Asfar as he 
recounts the Keystone State's most intriguing ghost stories:

 .  phantoms materialize and eerie lights flash at historic Gettysburg, 
America's most famous-and haunted-battlefield

 .          in a fountain at the notorious Baleroy Mansion in Philadelphia, 
a young boy sees a skull in place of his own reflection-a strange 
premonition of his sudden death a month later

 .          every New Year's Day, the spirit of colonial war hero Anthony 
Wayne wanders Route 322, still frustrated that his earthly remains were 
buried in separate graves

 .          a three-year-old girl takes a fatal fall while her father paints 
her portrait, causing it to be inexplicably possessed by her forlorn spirit

 .          while painting a mural on the walls of a Millvale church, 
renowned painter Maxo Vanka is visited by the terrifying specter of a 
long-dead priest

 .          two mysterious suicides cause a spike in paranormal activity in 
Tamaqua's haunted Elks Club

 .          under the influence of an otherworldly force, a backwoods 
recluse kills a man, initiating a bizarre chain of events on Hawk Mountain

 .  deceased convicts, driven to insanity by abuse, return to haunt the 
Eastern State Penitentiary, the first prison where solitary confinement was 

 .  plaintive choral strains waft over Loyalsock Creek near 
Williamsport-lasting reminder of a young woman's death.

With strange and often terrifying consequences, Pennsylvania ghosts appeal 
in Pittsburgh, Radnor, Newtown, Lancaster, Hollidaysburg, Bedford, Altoona 
New Hope, London Britain Township and more.


Dracula Doesn't Drink Lemonade

By Marcia Thornton Jones and Debbie Dadey

From the Book jacket:
There are some pretty weird
grown-ups living in Bailey City.
But could the new guidance counselor
really be Count Dracula,
the famous vampire?

The Bailey School Kids are going to find out!

"You won't be laughing when Count Dracula nibbles
your neck while you sleep," Howie warnec plan to be safe."
"For all you know, he's a sickly cousin of Mrs. Jeepers," Melody argued. 
"After all, who seen a vampire breaking up fights?"
"And I'm sure Count Dracula doesn't drink lemonade," Eddie added.

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      -- Vance Havner 

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