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These are both requests that were made of me by a BookShare reader who
obviously likes Richard Brautigan.  For those of you too young to know who
Brautigan is, be prepared for some fairly weird stuff.  <smile>  Both books
are short and I spent extra time cleaning them up including doing a spell
check and checking proper names.  I think all of his work is considered
"classic" but I think that Sombrero Fallout may be more classic than the
other one.  However, A Confederate General in Big Sur is definitely more on
the edge and strange, more about an alternate life style somewhat specific
to the '60's.  Here are the details:


A Confederate General in Big Sur, by Richard Brautigan, 160 pages

This is the story of Lee Mellon, whose great-grandfather was (or perhaps was
not) a Confederate General in the Civil War. The story of a few weeks in San

Francisco and Big Sur, it describes the relationship between Mellon and the

When Lee holes up at Big Sur, he writes his friend an urgent invitation:
"I've got a garden that grows all year round! A 30:30 Winchester for deer, a

for rabbits and quail. I've got some fishing tackle and THE JOURNAL OF
ALBION MOONLIGHT. We can make it OK....Come to the party and hurry down to
Big Sur

and don't forget to bring some whiskey. I need whiskey!" Elizabeth and
Elaine and a porkchop-eating alligator join the party , and then, to
hilarious effect,

Roy Earle with his $100,000.

Brautigan's humor is gentle and offhand, developed in odd, inventive
metaphors. He is one of the most distinctive and distinguished comic writers
now at

work in America.



Sombrero Fallout: A Japanese Novel, by Richard Brautigan, 187 pages

A strand of Japanese hair, an ice-cold

sombrero, and a small-town

librarian with no ears . . .

It is a Brautigan book . . . for those who

enjoy intricacy, subtlety

and poetry written as prose.



Happy validating.



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