[bksvol-discuss] Re: Time required for book approvals?

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Paula, I think you did A TAST FOR RICH THINGS. I aproved the book Monday anyway, didn't have anything else to do that day. If it was you, you did a great job on the scan.
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Subject: [bksvol-discuss] Time required for book approvals?

i would be interested to know what the average number of days is between
the time a validated book is uploaded, and the time it receives final
approval. In looking at Marissa's list, I see that a book I validated and
uploaded about three weeks ago is still awaiting approval. This book was an
excellent scan, with no pages missing. Another book I validated and uploaded
about two weeks ago is also still there.

I know Bookshare staff are extremely busy with a variety of duties, but
I hope they can find some way to shorten the time between the day a
validated book is uploaded and the day it becomes live on Bookshare. Perhaps
I'm expecting too much, but it seems to me that two or more weeks, for books
with no problems, is too long.


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