[bksvol-discuss] Re: Time required for book approvals?

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Hi Mike, 

Apparently, there's an entire field of statistics that's known as cue
theory--the study of why lines form and dissipate. Maybe it would be
useful to employ a bit of the theory in this case--factoring in residual
holiday build-up and the fact that we've been experiencing a lot of
staff comings and goings which have influenced how much time there are
for book approvals, etc. 

Needless to say, we are currently working on the bottle-neck. I would
assume that by the end of next week, the books awaiting administrative
approval will be down significantly. 

If you've submitted any Spanish books, we're waiting on those until a
bit later, so please be patient. 


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That may be the theory; but not the way things necessarily work.
At times, it appears that approvals are at random.  I've validated books

on a Monday and seen them on the system by Wednesday.
Yet, as has been mentioned before, other books sit for weeks or months
There is a definite priority for in-house scanned materials as these may

be a part of a special request or project.
So, with more work being done in-house, it is only natural that outside 
volunteer submissions are taking longer.
While no one from BookShare seems to want to tackle this question 
publicly, hopefully they are working behind the scenes to figure out how

to resolve the log jam.

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