[bksvol-discuss] Re: Time required for book approvals?

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    Thanks, Marissa. It's encouraging to hear that this problem is being
addressed. Paula

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> Hi Mike,
> Apparently, there's an entire field of statistics that's known as cue
> theory--the study of why lines form and dissipate. Maybe it would be
> useful to employ a bit of the theory in this case--factoring in residual
> holiday build-up and the fact that we've been experiencing a lot of
> staff comings and goings which have influenced how much time there are
> for book approvals, etc.
> Needless to say, we are currently working on the bottle-neck. I would
> assume that by the end of next week, the books awaiting administrative
> approval will be down significantly.
> If you've submitted any Spanish books, we're waiting on those until a
> bit later, so please be patient.
> Thanks,
> Marissa
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> Lisa
> That may be the theory; but not the way things necessarily work.
> At times, it appears that approvals are at random.  I've validated books
> on a Monday and seen them on the system by Wednesday.
> Yet, as has been mentioned before, other books sit for weeks or months
> in
> limbo.
> There is a definite priority for in-house scanned materials as these may
> be a part of a special request or project.
> So, with more work being done in-house, it is only natural that outside
> volunteer submissions are taking longer.
> While no one from BookShare seems to want to tackle this question
> publicly, hopefully they are working behind the scenes to figure out how
> to resolve the log jam.

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