[bksvol-discuss] Re: Time required for book approvals?

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If I'm not mistaken, (which I very well could be), it's kind of a first-come
first-serve basis.  That is, the books get approved in the order they are
received.  Unless, it was a requested book or it is a very popular
best-selling book. Some can correct me if i'm wrong.

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>     i would be interested to know what the average number of days is
> the time a validated book is uploaded, and the time it receives final
> approval. In looking at Marissa's list, I see that a book I validated and
> uploaded about three weeks ago is still awaiting approval. This book was
> excellent scan, with no pages missing. Another book I validated and
> about two weeks ago is also still there.
>     I know Bookshare staff are extremely busy with a variety of duties,
> I hope they can find some way to shorten the time between the day a
> validated book is uploaded and the day it becomes live on Bookshare.
> I'm expecting too much, but it seems to me that two or more weeks, for
> with no problems, is too long.
> Best,
> Paula

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