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Hi all,

I've just submitted for proofing "The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli
in Palestine" by Miko Peled.

It's been read and spell-checked. Headers stripped, page numbers/section
titles present, text/headings/footnotes formatted.
223 pages, not too many footnotes.

In 1996, a tragedy struck the family of Israeli-American Miko Peled: His
beloved niece was killed by a terror bomber in Jerusalem.  That tragedy
propelled Peled onto a journey of discovery and self-discovery, during which
he met and became close to numerous other people, Israelis and Palestinians,
who had similarly lost loved ones to the conflict between their peoples.
Peled's journey  echoed the trajectory taken 40 years earlier by his father,
renowned Israeli general Matti Peled.  But Miko Peled ended up at a
different destination, as an outspoken supporter of a one-state outcome for
Palestinians and Israelis with full civic equality between all citizens of
the state. In this compelling memoir, Peled traces his journey-- from
growing up in Jerusalem in the heart of the group that ruled the young
country, Israel, through his military service and subsequent global travels;
and then, after his niece's killing, back into the heart of Israel's
conflict with the Palestinians.  He provides an intimate window into the
fears that haunt both peoples-- but also into the real courage of all those
who, like himself, have been pursuing a steadfast grassroots struggle for
equality for all the residents of the Holy Land.


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