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Hi all,

I've just submitted for proofing "Fear of the Animal Planet: The Hidden
History of Animal Resistance" by Jason Hribal.

It's been read through w/errors corrected, headers stripped, page
numbers/section titles present, body text/section headings formatted. 
Should be a quick proof--only 167 pages.

A Siberian tiger at the San Francisco Zoo leaps a 12-foot high wall and
mauls three visitors who had been tormenting her, killing one. A circus
elephant tramples and gores a sadistic trainer, who had repeatedly fed her
lit cigarettes. A pair of orangutans at the San Diego Zoo steal a crowbar
and screwdriver and breakout of their enclosure. An orca at Sea World
snatches his trainer into the pool and holds her underwater until she
drowns. What's going on here? Are these mere accidents? Simply cases of
animals acting on instinct? That's what the zoos and animal theme parks
would have you believe. But historian Jason Hribal tells a different story.
In the most provocative book on animal rights since Peter Singer's Animal
Liberation, Hribal argues persuasively that these escapes and attacks are
deliberate, that the animals are acting with considered intent, that they
are asserting their own desires for freedom.


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