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Hi Deborah,

I finally got a copy of the book from the library so I could proof the book. 
I'm so glad that you deleted the charts, I was worried about how to do an image 
description. There are a lot of inset, smaller paragraphs that are quotes from 
people or printed sources that were put that way for the quotes. Do you think I 
should put quotation marks around them to separate them from the author's words?

From what I read of just the introduction, this will be an excellent book and 
should be in every library in the country! I wish I could send a copy to the 
President and every member of Congress. It should be on the news so everyone 
would go out and get a copy. Guess I'm a radical.


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Hi all,

I've just submitted for proofing "With Liberty and Justice For Some: How the
Law is Used to Destroy Equality and Protect the Powerful" by Glenn

It's been read through w/errors corrected, headers stripped, page
numbers/chapter titles present, text and headings formatted. 291 pages.

From the nation's beginnings, the law was to be the great equalizer in
American life, the guarantor of a common set of rules for all. But over the
past four decades, the principle of equality before the law has been
effectively abolished. Instead, a two-tiered system of justice ensures that
the country's political and financial class is virtually immune from
prosecution, licensed to act without restraint, while the politically
powerless are imprisoned with greater ease and in greater numbers than in
any other country in the world.

Starting with Watergate, continuing on through the Iran-Contra scandal, and
culminating with Obama's shielding of Bush-era officials from prosecution,
Glenn Greenwald lays bare the mechanisms that have come to shield the elite
from accountability. He shows how the media, both political parties, and the
courts have abetted a process that has produced torture, war crimes,
domestic spying, and financial fraud. 

Cogent, sharp, and urgent, this is a no-holds-barred indictment of a
profoundly un-American system that sanctions immunity at the top and
mercilessness for everyone else.


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