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  • Date: Sun, 1 May 2011 14:40:39 -0400

Hi all,

I've just submitted for proofing "The World As It Is: Dispatches On the Myth
of Human Progress" by Chris Hedges.

It's been read through, errors corrected, headers stripped, page numbers and
section titles present, text/heading fonts formatted. 351 pages. 
I suggest removing the "adult" rating. 

Drawing on two decades of experience as a war correspondent and based on his
numerous columns for Truthdig, Chris Hedges presentsThe World As It Is, a
panorama of the American empire at home and abroad, from the coarsening
effect of America's War on Terror to the front lines in the Middle East and
South Asia and the continuing Israeli-Palestinian conflict.  Underlying his
reportage is a constant struggle with the nature of war and its impact on
human civilization.  "War is always about betrayal," Hedges notes.  "It is
about betrayal of the young by the old, of cynics by idealists, and of
soldiers and Marines by politicians.  Society's institutions, including our
religious institutions, which mold us into compliant citizens, are unmasked.


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