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Hi, Mayrie.

I agree completely. Even with the e-mail reminding me about the impending expiration of an edit cession, I still forget to renew my books from time to time.

Unless bookshare wants to start hiring Validation Goons to give us validators a little uh, "reminder" about our books needing to be renewed, I think the shorter editing period is a good idea. <grins>


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Hi Ann, and Cindy,

I have to say that the short period of time allowed us to validate actually works very well for me. I think that books would tend to slip my mind, get forgotten in the shuffle if I had more time between renewings. I think there are probably others as slippery-minded as I am who the short validation actually helps and keeps a fire lit beneath. Wow! that was an awkward sentence. I need to attend The Writer's Practice Group! Laugh!


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