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Hi Guys,

I found that when I announced to this list that I had submitted something, it pretty much immediately disappeared from the step 1 page. When posting, I include the title and author information, the long synopsis, and any information about work I have already done on the book, or work that needs still to be done. I did notice that once I didn't need credits for my subscription, and stopped announcing on this list what I had submitted and how much work I had done cleaning up the submission, my books sit on the step 1 page a lot longer. You might also try posting the same information to the bookshare-discuss list, if you are subscribed to it. There are folks who volunteer on that list that aren't on this one.

Maybe this helps some.


At 05:08 AM 12/12/2007, you wrote:
I have about ten of them on that list.

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I've noticed that there are a large number of books listed on the validation list. Is there some way to encourage more people to volunteer as validators? Or do you have any thoughts about how to get some of these books validated? I have about 6 books on the list that I've scanned which appear to be stalled on the validation list. Any recommendations welcome.
Jim Nuttall--Michigan

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