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Hi Judy:
I recommend not attempting to change section breaks into page breaks. When I've 
tried I also have problems. The section breaks for  pages is how my FineReader 
Pro outputs a book. Hopefully, when I upgrade to FineReader 9 this will resolve 
the issue.

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Hi Jim,

I've tried validating your books but the minute I touch any of the formatting 
(for example, changing a section break to a page break) the rest of the book 
becomes wonky for me to try and work with.  Word re-arranges the entire text, 
which seems to be in a columnar format, with many specific margin settings, and 
I end up with things like pages that are one character wide.

I tried contacting you privately about this last week, in terms of any 
suggestions on what I should do - including asking whether we are supposed to 
turn section breaks into page breaks, but never heard back. smile.  I assume 
internet gremlins ate my email, but I haven't had time to try and contact you 
again.  smile.

So - I'd validate your books, as several of them are ones I would like to read, 
but I don't know how to do so without messing them up.  The only thing I can 
validate on them is scanno errors in spelling.

Judy s.

jnuttallphd@xxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> I've noticed that there are a large number of books listed on the 
> validation list. Is there some way to encourage more people to volunteer 
> as validators? Or do you have any thoughts about how to get some of 
> these books validated? I have about 6 books on the list that I've 
> scanned which appear to be stalled on the validation list. Any 
> recommendations welcome.
> Jim Nuttall--Michigan
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