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Hi, Cindy! Sarah's right, don't worry about it. Honestly, I think this is one of those things that is open to at least some personal preference. Since some who have split the titles onto two lines have complained about the obsessive stripper munching on them, and since all of mine seem to be staying put, I'll continue doing them the same way for now. <Smile>

To respond to your other question, I wish that some of the sighted bookshare members would give us some feedback on their preferences. I would imagine that most of them read books with speech, in which case the font sizes wouldn't matter so much, but I'm not sure. Maybe some of them will respond soon! <Smile>


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I don't think you have to worry about the location of the chapter numbers and titles. The only reason that the page numbers have to be in specific places is so that they can be identified for use in the daisy file. I don't think the daisy converter is smart enough to find and use chapters as navigation points yet. I hope they will have that sometime in the future, though. Still extra formating could only help in that process, not hinder it. :-)

The idea of splitting up the chapter titles is to make them look less consistent and therefore less appetizing to the stripper. I am wondering if that causes the stripper to eat the word chapter but leave the number and/or title alone.

Sarah Van Oosterwijck
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