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Hi all.

I was just looking on the Step 1 page to download a new book to validate, and saw one that I had just validated back on the step 1 page. Gestavo's note said not to remove page breaks, and if they were removed then to reject the book.

As far as I know I didn't remove anything from the book. The book had the author's name and the title of the book on the top of each page. Well I think the author's name may have been on even numbered pages and the name of the book on odd numbered pages, or vice versa. Can someone explain to me what exactly a page break is? I've validated a couple of books in the last couple of days and haven't run across anything in them that specifically says page break. I'm not using MS Word to read the books, but I'm using another program that will read .rtf files. I think it's something called Stratus Pad, or something similar. I don't want my work or time to be wasted because of something I don't know about. And are page breaks really a good criteria for accepting or rejecting a book even if the book is almost perfect with no errors? Maybe I'm just ignorant but I don't get why they're so important. If the book is good and legible and has the copyright information intact, isn't it still within the laws that allow us to access it? Just wondering. If anyone has any more info on this I'd be grateful. Thanks all.


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