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Chapter headers are very important.  The lucky thing is that there are not 
so many of them.
Page numbers would be nice,  but are not as important, at least for 
For scholarly materials they are much more important.
If you put in page numbers,  put them on the very first line of the page, 
by themselves,  left justified,  then leave a blank line below.
Or at the very bottom of a page, left justified, by themselves, preceeded 
by a blank line.
Page numbers will then be included in the Daisy page tag by the Bookshare 
system.  Although they look as if they have been stripped,  they will 
still be in the file and referenceable/searchable by any Daisy reader.

Future modifications to the Bookshare system may create more flexible 
rendering of page numbers.  But policy is, as much as possible,  to leave 
page numbers intact and normalize their appearance at the top or bottom of 
pages as described above.


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[bksvol-discuss] Confused!

I'm relatively new to volunteering at Bookshare, and I'm only doing 
validation as I don't have a scanner. 
I've started getting hard-copies from the local library when validating in 
order to clean up the many typos/dropped words that I'm finding with the 
books I'm validating. I'm also only validating txt/rtf files because I am 
sighted and don't have any text-readers/braille software.
Now - here is my confusion. I was catching up on my mailing-lists and 
noticed there was several long discussions about chapter headers, page 
breaks and page numbers. After reading this stuff I'm afraid I've made a 
horrible mistake in a book or two that I've validated and submitted. 
I've basically been stripping out all chapter headers, page numbers and - 
*gulp* - page breaks, because that is always how I've put together scanned 
books in the past for my husband to read (he uses Jaws and then just opens 
up the books as text files). This was obviously very ignorant of me. 
I'm currently working on a book, which I've gone back and added the page 
breaks. Do I also need to add the page numbers and chapter headers? Is 
this an absolute necessity?
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