[argyllcms] Re: gnome-color-manager and argyllcms

  • From: Frederic Crozat <fred@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: argyllcms@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 30 Oct 2009 10:45:58 +0100

2009/10/30 Richard Hughes <hughsient@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hey,
> I'm the maintainer of gnome-color-manager. gcm uses argyllcms to do
> the device calibration, but gcm runs in the user session and does not
> have access to hardware devices without a manual chmod.
> I've got a few solutions, which I wanted some feedback on:
> * ship a udev rule in upstream argyllcms which is installed just for Linux
> * ship a udev rule in the Fedora argyllcms package
> * Use PolicyKit to chmod the device from the session
> Obviously the first option is most preferable, but this depends on how
> keen you would be maintain the udev rules upstream. The udev rule
> would be very small, and just look like this:
> # Huey
> ATTR{idVendor}=="0971", ATTR{idProduct}=="2005", MODE="666"
> (other devices here, perhaps 4 or 5)
> and this would be installed into /etc/udev/rules.d/argyll.rules
> If this would be acceptable upstream then I'll work on a patch for
> review, otherwise I'll work on other other two solutions. Thanks!

Well, Argyllcms ships its own rules in libusb/55-Argyll.rules.

I've just modified it in Mandriva Linux 2010.0 to use new ACL
available in udev :

MODE="666" for each line should be replaced by ENV{ACL_MANAGE}="1"

Frederic Crozat

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