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Hi Michael,


Many thanks for reminding me . I have QImage Pro that I used to use and then
moved over to Lightroom for printing because the whole thing was more
integrated.  However . with the irritation level rapidly rising I'm going to
play around with it a bit and maybe upgrade to the latest version.  It
certainly did a good job for me when I was using it.





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I haven't used it or tested it, but my understanding is a x-->x ICC profile
conversion comes out the same way regardless of the rendering intent you


I had the same frustration you had, and purchased QImage.  It's a fantastic
software package that has lots of features.  I only use it to be able to
print images already converted to a printer profile, while having a better
program than the ACPU to use.  QImage also handles optimizing the layout of
multiple images to reduce wasted media.  Going this route, you have your
images already converted to the printer profile using the rendering intent
you want.  Then in QImage, you select "Prtr ICC" "OFF".  And, if you want to
have all your files at printer native resolution you can select "OFF" for
"Prints", "Posters", "Interp".  Or, you can have QImage handle the
interpolation (it's fantastic at it - I just don't want to spend the
processing power on each print, I want it to be cached, even though it takes
a lot of hard drive space.)  And, you can either have QImage handle the
sharpening or if you have it already done in your image, you can select "0
(OFF)" for "Sharpen".  (Again, it's fantastic at it, I just want it cached
so go that route.)

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I don't see how to do this in Photoshop or Lightroom Alan.  If I select
Application Manages Color, then I have to select a rendering intent ... in
which case the application will presumably re-render the already rendered
image, which clearly I don't want.  How do you send it to the printer from
Lightroom or Photoshop CS6 onwards without this happening?

As for the ACPU ... yes, it's OK for something like printing targets, but
it's extremely basic.  If I have to go down that route I would prefer to use
Photoshop CS5 or CS6.

I really hope Adobe relaxes its color-management stranglehold and lets us
make decisions for ourselves instead of putting us into a straight-jacket!


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I don't understand this.  If you have converted to a profile for your
particular paper you just send it to the printer and make sure that the
printer driver is set so that it doesn't interfere with your profiled image.
You can do that part in LR or Photoshop right now.  The ACPU is easy to use
and I print out all my Argyll profile targets using it.


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But I really would like to be able to do this from Lightroom/Photoshop as
it's also for situations where I've converted to the destination and so
don't want any color management.


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