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Thanks Graeme,

I'll have to stick to CS4/CS5 for printing.  From CS6 onwards the printer
management and printer driver talk to each other so that if color management
is turned off in Photoshop, you can only select Printer Manages Color in the
printer driver (at least for the HPZ3100), and then the choice is sRGB or

In Lightroom you can set Printer Manages Color, then in the printer driver
you can set Application Manages Color, but for some reason the print is
washed out, whether or not the profile is embedded.  If there is no embedded
profile, Lightroom appears to assign sRGB but I don't see why that would
make a difference... at any rate this little work-around doesn't appear to


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> Does someone have a NULL, 'Does Nothing' profile? (assuming that such a
> thing is possible). 

There is no such thing as a "do nothing" device profile for an RGB space.

This is because device profile convert PCS to/from Device space.

You can certainly have a "do nothing" device link, or a "do nothing"
device profile that converts from PCS to L*a*b* (see Argyll
but I don't see how that helps you.

Sometimes you can setup a "do nothing" pair of RGB device profiles,
simply by making the RGB encoding profile and the destination device
profile the same.

In Photoshop 5.5 one simply ticked "printer color management"
and then turned off profiles in the printer driver setup, so that you are
left with the default printer driver RGB -> ink conversion that profiles
are applied to.

Graeme Gill.

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